Mediation FAQ’s

Is a mediation agreement legally binding?

Mediation agreements are not legally binding. However, if a case should end up in court after a mediation agreement has been reached, the agreement can be presented to a judge. Judges take mediation agreements very seriously. Breaking a mediation agreement can have serious consequences in court depending on the circumstances. A mediation agreement can be turned into a legal document by an attorney. Gessner Mediation can provide a neutral attorney for this process if the parties wish. The attorney’s fee is separate from the mediation fees.

How long do mediation sessions last?

The length and number of sessions depends on the type and complexity of the dispute.  Adult Family Mediations and business mediations usually last a full day. A typical Divorce or Marital mediation session lasts two hours. Divorce mediations usually take five to eight sessions.

Who can attend a mediation session?

Anyone can attend a mediation session, provided that all parties to the mediation agree. The list can include attorneys, friends and family members. However, only the parties themselves are allowed to speak. Other attendees are merely observers.

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