Marital Mediation

What is Marital Mediation?

Marital Mediation helps couples resolve ongoing or recurring conflicts in their marriage.

Usually the primary reason for marital discord is related to communication. In some instances, the way spouses talk to each other ignites anger, hurt and frustration. And in other cases, it is lack of communication that leads to misunderstanding and alienation. But communication is not the only issue that can stress a marriage.

Financial pressures, childcare, sexual relations, household chores, the use of computers and television viewing, personal hygiene, friends and relatives are just a few of the myriad concerns that can create conflicts.

Marital Mediation gives the couple the tools to identify conflicts and resolve them.

Is Marital Mediation Like Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling?

The short answer is ‘no’. Couples therapy or marriage counseling often delves into the deeper psychological issues of the husband and wife, both individually and collectively. A therapist is likely to explore past personal and family history. Marital Mediation focuses on the changes that can be made now to eliminate friction in the marriage. Therapy is generally a long-term commitment. Marital Mediation, by contrast, usually takes about five sessions.

Marital Mediation is concerned with helping couples find solutions to conflicts which arise because of the inescapable daily friction of being married.

Is Marital Mediation Right for Us?

The essential question a husband and wife should ask themselves is, “if we were able to resolve our conflicts, would we want to stay married?” If the answer is ‘yes’, Marital Mediation is right for you.